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Subject:   Special Deals from Goaljet

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Special Deals from Goaljet
Corporate Travel
Dear Michael,

You need help getting the boss, sales team and new product in front of lots of folks, in short order. You need to conduct essential in-flight meetings en route...knowing that sensitive information won't fail into the wrong hands. Your organization needs to fly special VIP clients to your corporate headquarters.The way you get them there may influence future relations. This is now possible! Fly them in the total comfort and style of a chartered corporate jet.

Hawker Siddeley HS-125

Turbo fan aircraft, wide cabin, fitted with toilet, forward and rear baggage compartiments and galley.

Our Price:500-1200 $
Hawker Siddeley HS-125

Speed: 900 km/hour 9 Passengers to travel in completely roomy space

Security, Comfort, Flexibility, Productivity Multipliers

Goaljet Aviation Ltd. offers you possibility of Fractional Share Program which will allow you to fly with the aircraft as yours at a very low cost. (between USD 500-1200.- per hour) No other corporate Jet gives as many of your team members the POWER of in-flight productivity. A perfect service onboard and a respected time schedule are the foundations upon which to have yourself a happy customer. PLEASE CONTACT US TO DISCUSS ABOUT YOUR TRAVEL IDEA.


Michel Gollo
Goaljet Aviation Ltd.

phone: +36209450168

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