Tourism and travels start to live!
Tourism and travels start to live!
. 27 April 2004 Further charter possibilities in view. Stay tuned!
. Malmö Aviation will shortly provide you the upmost!
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Dear Michael,

Maybe every day you can reach a far point of the world, nowadays there is no doubt on it. Let's see how.

JAMAICA - A real place to go!
Even the farest point of the world can not be too far, if we put on balance what can we reach. Our new partner, The Negril Tree House Resort in Western Jamaica provides the highest standards on friendly personalized level, extravagant accomodation, as well as sure relax during your stay.

You can enjoy the cuisine at place meanwhile you can have breath taking vew of the beach or the ocean. Once you visit, you will return time to time. Watersport, windurfing, skiing, parasailing, snorkeling, boatriding, swimming in pool or the Carribean Sea among others. But if you prefer, you can play volleyball, or just have one drink at the beach bar.

For further information or prices, please contact GoalJet!

Fly with Goaljet to Negril! »

Real Opportunity for Charter Flights with MALMÖ AVIATION

Malmö Aviation who is present on the European market since long, is intended to extend its destinations. About the possible future steps some discussions were held at the Tourism Exhibition In Götenbourg short time ago.

Where cities exactly they will fly? We shall soon let you know.

Malmö Aviation is actually flying to: »

How Airport Security Works

Millions of people fly every day. There is always the possibility that a terrorist or a criminal is hidden among the masses. Also, many people with no intent to cause harm may accidentally carry a hazardous material onto the plane. To avoid these problems, airport security is an important part of any airport.

A terrorist could: * plant a bomb in an unsuspecting passenger's luggage. * smuggle a bomb in his luggage * strap a bomb or gun onto his body * walk onto the tarmak by hopping a fence and approach a plane from the ground.

All public access is channeled through the terminal, where every person must walk through a metal detector and all items must go through an X-ray machine. Most airports use one of three systems to do this: * Medium X-ray systems - These are fixed systems that can scan an entire pallet of cargo for suspicious items. *Mobile X-ray systems - A large truck carries a complete X-ray scanning system. * Fixed-site systems - This is an entire building that is basically one huge X-ray scanner. A tractor-trailer is pulled into the building and the entire truck is scanned at one time.

While most of the things that you can't take on board an airplane are fairly obvious (guns, knives, explosives), there are some things that most people wouldn't think about. If you do transport a hazardous material on a passenger plane without declaring it, you could face a fine of up to $27,500! Another thing you don't want to carry on a plane is a dark sense of humor.

Flying is even more secure than driving a car! Choose us! »

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