Professional Pilot License fix wing

The holder of the following license will be able to:

The blocked training period is around 4 weeks of 5 daily length ( prior the meteo is good and the candidate does not require a recurrent training)
For the so called „a la carte training „ the training days should be decided between both parties.
Prices may change according to the oil price fluctuation and according to the economical status as well.


Course Cost 6600.00

Hours Breakdown:

1 forfeit theoretical courses 480.00
25 dual flights hours 6075.00
1 forfeit landing taxes 45.00
Total  6600.00

The price is exclusive check ride price which is surrounding (1.50-2.30 flying hours) and the cost of the CAA authority which might vary between 60-100  

Accommodation available on site or in a motel very close to the airport at a very cheap rate.

Course Length:
The time outlined for each course is based on average proficiency allowing ample time for completion; however, adverse weather and other conditions beyond our control may extend the training period.