Private Pilot License fix wing

The Private Pilot License will allow the holder of this license to fly, if the meteorological conditions are good above the all European territory. You can additionally ad more qualification in your license:


Hold at least a current  Second or Third Class Medical certificate delivered by an agreed physician
Have a civil state certificate stating that you never have been condemned.

Complete around 45 flights hours on selected aircraft (Cessna 150, 172). Have a theoretical certificate and pass with success a ground oral and  flight test on procedures and maneuvers selected by a CAA authority or examiner.

Course cost  5660.00

Hours Breakdown

Theoretical courses 480.00
Insurance 56,00
35 flying hours dual 4410 €
10 flying hours solo 840.00€
Miscellaneous costs manuals maps etc.. 54.00€
Total cost 5660.00€