Ground School Training :
Courses Offered:

Private: This course provides you with the knowledge and background needed to pass the HCAA Private Pilot written exam. Presentation of the course assumes no prior knowledge and is designed to take you from “zero time” to a point where you will posses all the knowledge necessary to receive a high passing exam grade. In addition to a high grade on the HCAA exam, you will also have established a solid foundation for a safe career in flying. Learn more

Instrument: The instrument course and HCAA exam can be a most difficult and confusing experience. For this you need experienced, qualified instructors who make it really CLEAR the first time. You will learn IFR navigation and preflight planning, weather flying, REGS, charts, and approach and departure procedures.

Commercial: A common misconception is that the Commercial written is “just like the Private” and therefore many pilots fail it the first time. Actually, it is considerably different and more difficult, and should be prepared for accordingly. Our students are prepared for exactly the knowledge required on the new HCAA Commercial written exam. Learn more

First Officer Program: To provide First Officer Training and airline experience. The Aviation Industry takes the best with the most “First.” The purpose of our First Officer Program is just that. As a First Officer on the cabin-class Cessna 402 or L - 410 UVP-E, you will get first hand experience. Being in the right place at the time and meeting the right people is important in the job market. Learn more

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