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GoalJet Aviation Ltd. was founded in 2001 aiming to perform charterflights, mainly for the business world. Lead by a dynamic and flexible management, GoalJet Aviation has become a reliable business-partner, specialised in executive flights, crew changes, ambulance flights, sightseeing- and cargoflights.
GoalJet Aviation's home-base is Budapest. Its location, good accessibility and excellent facilities (24 hours operational), combined with GoalJet Aviation's experience, assures a punctual, correct and "on time" performance.
Minimum time-loss and value for money (both equipment-wise and quality-wise) is what every employee strives for in our company!
GoalJet Aviation Ltd. has become highly experienced in dropping skydivers with the Turbolet. We can arrange skydiving-arrangements for large (e.g. foreign) groups.
Excellent dropzone and accomodation at low cost.

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