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Proficiency work with ROYAL - SPRINT

"Door to Door" service can be provide to customer together with our partner ROYAL- SPRINT which can deliver to you daily up to date information about your shipment : tracibility - helpfull at anytime and with flexible tools - late shipment delivery or cut off time - shipment security and insurance policy without fee up to 200.000 Ft value - discounted rate offerd and of course for "back customers - , competitive prices.

Domestic destination's - map with RS

For all your ground handling, fueling, parking or simply for a Ground support agent contact us.
Dependable couriers deliver your envelopes, tubes, boxes and skids - on time. RS is a delivery service that cares about each and every package delivery. Air cargo is treated with the care you expect, with 4,500 couriers Worldwide you'll get the service you expect.

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